Teeth Whitening


Pearly whites can be yours in just 15 minutes!

Our Whiter Image teeth whitening system offers one of the most advanced systems available today. The safe, fast and convenient system features both teeth color correction and teeth whitening capability to give the Results you want!

Features & Benefits

  • Provide a brighter, whiter smile
  • Remove discoloration due to tobacco, coffee, and wine stains
  • Achieve 4-6 shades whiter in one session
  • Whiten both upper and lower teeth

Designed for superior teeth whitening capabilities, the Whiter Image System uses only premium grade L.E.D whitening light to deliver the five essential elements needed for teeth whitening: Peroxide, Pressure, Light, Heat, and Exposure

Results are comparable to other cosmetic teeth whitening services, but at a more reasonable price and with no medical risk, side effects or down time. 

Product Recommendations


Use these Products to get your best smile!

  • Advanced Whitening Kit (required)
  • Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen
  • UV Teeth Whitening Kit